What is Respite?

A rest. A break. A pause. A timeout.

Respite care typically refers to short-term care, usually under 30 days. Respite can provide needed support to caregivers in cases of emergencies, vacations, or sudden work travel. Often, respite care can also provide needed relief for caregivers, so they can relax and recharge themselves. Some caregivers may feel that in seeking respite care, they are signaling weakness or less than full devotion to their loved ones. We believe that a caregiver who realizes their own need for a break in order to avoid burnout is better able to care for their loved one.

How does RespiteChoice.com help?

RespiteChoice.com offers technology that allows you to book respite reservations at participating facilities that can meet your loved one’s needs. Easy to use, RespiteChoice.com saves time and frustration in finding appropriate and available nearby facilities for care. RespiteChoice.com is operated by Respite Choice LLC, an Elder and Vulnerable Adult Referral Agency located in Redmond, WA.

Is RespiteChoice.com affiliated with any other company or network of facilities?

No, RespiteChoice.com is an independent firm, is not affiliated with any other company, and owns no interest in any other company.

Is there a fee to me for using RespiteChoice.com?

No, RespiteChoice.com is free to those who are seeking respite care. There is no fee for booking. Facilities pay RespiteChoice.com to post their room availabilities. In addition, RespiteChoice.com does not require an exclusive agreement for users of the site, or the facilities that pay us to post their availabilities.

Does RespiteChoice.com inspect the facilities listed on its site?

No, RespiteChoice.com does not inspect facilities and does not represent, warranty or guarantee the services of any facility.

Am I confirmed for a stay once I book on RespiteChoice.com?

When the facility you have selected receives your booking request they will contact you directly to review admissions qualifications and the care plan. Bookings are confirmed at the discretion of the facility, who are responsible for reviewing the admissions information you will provide them.

Does RespiteChoice.com require any medical information?

No. We collect only contact information, choice of facility and proposed dates of stays. As a part of the booking confirmation process, the selected facility is responsible for contacting you and qualifying each potential client according to their own intake process, which includes obtaining medical information for a profile of the loved one needing care. RespiteChoice.com will never ask you for private medical information.

How long is my information kept?

Contact information, choice of facility and proposed dates of stays are kept for six years, to comply with state regulations.  You can request a copy of this information by writing to us and providing your name and the email address you submitted at the time of the search and/or booking.

Where can I find more information on facilities in my state?

Links to individual state departments overseeing skilled nursing facilities can be found here.